Pourtastic Leadership

Meet our Team

Pourtastic began with the three partners wearing every hat. And sleeping very few hours. Throughout the years, the company has found and held tight to team members who help fuel our engine, not only through a great work ethic and necessary skillset, but with an understanding and a passion for our vision that sets Pourtastic apart from other sampling agencies.


Amber Rynbrandt, Managing Partner, Staffing

Amber was raised to have a personality as big as her home state of Texas. Combined with a whip cracking fast analytical brain and unwavering will for efficiency, she was born and bred to be an industry shaker.

She bid farewell to her beloved lone star home and earned her bachelors at Hope College in Holland, Michigan. During her college years at Hope she worked at New Holland Brewing Company where she fell in love with both her husband Scott and IPAs.

After returning to Texas, Amber pursued a career in digital advertising and marketing. Her time working in agencies led her to start her first company with Erica. Soon after, Amber saw the need for a shake up in brand ambassador marketing and management.

When she's not busy revolutionizing an industry, Amber switches between raising her chickens, welding/metal fabrication and homebrewing.


Erica Diamond, Managing Partner, Client Services

Client service has always been at the forefront of Erica’s career. Entering the advertising/marketing industry out of Texas Tech University, she has managed many clients throughout the years from restaurant and retail, consumer brands, technology, health care and non-profit. Managing creative, media, IT and other groups internally and client teams externally, Erica is passionate about creating an overall experience and results that exceed expectations.   

Partnering with Amber (Hauptman) Rynbrandt in 2009, the two formed a digital media agency focusing on social media and search engine optimization. While getting the business off the ground, Erica and Amber both tried their hand in the brand ambassador world. It was fun, easy money and flexible. It planted a seed that would later form into Pourtastic Tastings. 

Erica has worn many hats as a managing partner of Pourtastic. Today, she focuses her time on client relations and new business development. Representing such a phenomenal portfolio of clients, Erica found it advantageous to obtain her Cicerone® Beer Server Certification. While not wearing her Pourtastic hat, Erica enjoys spending time with her family of five, playing tennis and get-aways to the mountains. She takes great pride in Pourtastic and looks forward to seeing continued growth and expansion.


524099 4289775606853 676064069 n 1 1Melissa Murphy, Operations/HR

After more than a decade's career in business planning and consulting, Melissa left the corporate life to join Pourtastic and enjoy more beer. She's helped several hundred businesses with their marketing, operational, financial and strategic growth plans, and now is spearheading many of the new programs at Pourtastic.  

From the time she was a teen working for her dad's plumbing business, she's learned to believe one thing about business: If you focus on giving others the information and tools they need, they will not only move forward, but bring you forward with them. That belief has led her to hold herself, and those around her, to a higher standard of communication – a quality that reflects in her work and personal relationships. One day, she and her husband plan to open their own brewery/taproom and combine her business sense with his brewing talents.  

Today, Melissa focuses on simplifying and systematizing the processes used by Pourtastic, its employees and its brand ambassadors. She brings optimism to every interaction she makes, and creates deep personal connections with the people she knows. Most importantly, she would love to tell you about a craft beer that you'll really enjoy!


Sandra Zaldana, Regional Account Manager

Sandra got her start in the marketing and promotions industry over a decade ago working with a variety of brands and focusing on experiential marketing programs. She loved being able to create memorable experiences for her clients and their customers and knew she wanted to eventually work within an agency on planning on coordination of campaigns.  
Sandra was able to combine her passion for travel and skillset in experiential marketing to participate in multiple touring marketing teams, which took her all over the United States. During her travels, her love for craft beer grew as she was able to visit breweries across the country. She even started home brewing herself. Although her work travel is more limited now, she still enjoys travelling around the country visiting new breweries and sampling new beers. She loves talking about her favorite beers and her experiences traveling. 

More recently, Sandra was once again able to combine her career with one of her passions.  With her love and knowledge of craft beer along with her experience in promotional marketing Pourtastic Tastings was the perfect fit. She began as a brand ambassador before moving to the internal team as their South Texas Territory Manager. Through her previous experience, she knows what information is crucial for her current staff in order to help them to help them excel as a part of the Pourtastic team. Now serving on the client team as Pourtastic continues to grow, she looks forward to assisting new clients and showing them the value in Pourtastic Tastings.


Allison BernhartAllison Bernhart, Data Manager

A talented photographer, Allison travels the state and even out of the country for wedding, family and portrait photography. The photo booth memories captured at Pourtastic parties are courtesy of Allison's photo booth business. Allison attended Hallmark Institute of Photography. Following graduation, she interned in Chicago for three years before deciding it was time to move back to the great state of Texas.

Enter Pourtastic. Allison was introduced to the world of home brewing and craft beer by Amber Rynbrandt. Starting out as a brand ambassador with Pourtastic in 2014, Allison soon became Pourtastic's first employee, helping grow the business from the inside. Through the years, she has been tasked with store calls, interviewing brand ambassadors, staffing and everything in between. Today, Allison's role is much more defined. She manages all written and financial reports from brand ambassadors and oversees the resulting data. The schedule required for data management is the ideal complement to Allison's lifestyle and travel and she is exactly who Pourtastic needs to get the job done.