Fri, Feb 23, 2018

Our Clients

We offer targeted services for beer, craft and malt beverages, wine, and liquor. Not all beverages are created equally; that's why we take a unique approach to meet your brand's personality and target audience.

Pourtastic Beverage Sampling Events:

Off- and On- Premise Tasting Events

  • Our off-premise sampling team is comprised of both male and female brand ambassadors with experience in sales and targeted knowledge in your brand category (ex: beer, liquor or wine)
  • Our on-premise team specifically has experience in on-premise events, waiting tables, cocktail waitressing, bartending, etc.

The Pourtastic Tasting Difference

  • Professional brand ambassadors
  • Each Pourtastic brand ambassador is screened for reliability, knowledge (determined by the team they are placed on: beer, wine, liquor or a combination), professionalism and personality
  • Brand ambassadors are tracked in real-time with GPS
  • We know where our brand ambassadors are in the market when they are scheduled to work at any given time
  • Pictures and consumer reviews can be uploaded and shared on social media channels during the event
  • Appealing display

With over 20 years of marketing knowledge in this company, we understand the need for proper presentation

Social media marketing

  • We also offer pre and post social media marketing support for tasting events on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, complete with event pictures and consumer reviews

Post-event reporting

  • Customizable event reports are available with each campaign. Get insights on sales results, consumer reviews, pricing, traffic and more

Lead capture

  • Pourtastic can build or manage a specialized lead capturing campaign through text contests, QR codes, social media groups, etc.
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